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Heavy, Long, Wide and High Transports

Special transport Westdijk Sweden

We are the green company with the great opportunities that offer complete solutions in special transports. Above all, we carry heavy, long, wide and tall goods.

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What we offer

Benefits for you as a transport buyer

Here you will find what we do best and what we focus on

Experienced drivers

Our experienced drivers have all the required training, solid experience and possess great knowledge in special transports.

Flexible trailer park

In our trailer park you will find the equipment for your goods. Whether it is high, heavy or wide. We have low-load machine trailers, jumbo and straight trailers.

Cost effective

We have a secure international system that gives you a simple and economical arrangement for your special transport.

International transport

As part of the Westdijk Group, in addition to our colleagues, we also have a large network of contacts and agents throughout Europe as a very efficient and economically logistical schedule for international transport.

Quick support

Above all – we always work to give you as fast and good support as possible.

About Westdijk Sweden AB

We are the best special transport for you

Westdijk Sweden AB in Sweden is a company focused on special transports and was founded in 2005 as part of the Dutch Westdijk Group. The result has been that we are one of the leading hauliers for transporting heavy and bulky goods in Sweden and Europe. During the time when Westdijk Sweden started its operations, it was initially on a modest scale, but with a clear goal. That goal was to develop, grow and take the leading role as one of the best special transport companies in Gothenburg and Sweden, but also to strengthen Westdijk’s expansion in Europe.

Special transports for you

With Westdijk special transports, you get:

First of all – Experts in special transports. These experts give you advice on your questions and concerns regarding special transports. In addition, they calculate cost-effectively and keep in touch with you throughout the execution of the transport.

Secondly – our mission is to realize your project and make it as easy as possible for you. We have a large fleet of special vehicles with the best equipped and safest trucks. We also have the accompanying cars and other equipment to carry out your project. We constantly work to ensure that you as a customer are satisfied.

For your attention, a large fleet of special vehicles with the best and safest trucks, companion trucks and other equipment to carry out your project. An international group with several companies in Europe. With good Ro-Ro connections between our coastal countries, we send loaded unaccompanied trailers to our colleagues in Europe, after which their tractors take over and deliver locally in each country. This provides a very economical solution for international transport. A large network of contacts throughout Europe. For us, there are no limits when it comes to performing special transports in Europe. We also work with companies in other countries that are also involved in transports of varying complexity. We assist with all dispensers and permits to perform special transports. We have good contact with authorities through agents in each country.

Westdijk Sweden´s Team

Special transport Westdijk Sweden AB – Heavy, wide, long and / or high transports? No problem, our professional team will help you! Regardless of the goods or destination, we solve it!

Roger Arvidsson Sandren

Company boss
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+46 (0) 70 579 81 70
Email: roger.arvidsson@westdijksweden.se

Billy Sandren

+46 (0) 31 26 41 08
+46 (0) 73 402 04 00
Email: billy.sandren@westdijksweden.se

Fredrik Jörning

Transport planning
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+46 (0) 734 02 04 03
Email: Fredrik.jorning@westdijksweden.se

Henrik Gaarder

+46 (0) 31 26 41 08
+46 (0) 734 02 04 05
Email: Henrik.gaarder@westdijksweden.se

Björn Andersson

5 axled truck ZBJ651

Peter Petersson

4 axle truck YLC40R

Patrik Nietula

3 axle truck PSX74X

Jonni Lehto

3 axle truck ZDX423

Jonas Hansson

4 axle truck YRR025

Cosmin Lupu

3 axle truck WPW29D

Our special transport gallery

Above all, we offer complete solutions in heavy and special transports. This includes (of course) firstly, the transport itself, and secondly, accompanying cars. In addition, we plan the route of transport and reconnoitre it. And, of course, we also handle exemption applications, permits and itineraries.

Our vehicle fleet

Westdijk Sweden AB Specialtransport has many different types of vehicles and can therefore quickly and easily offer you a solution for your particular project. For example: machine trailer, low load trailer, jumbo trailer, tram trailer and more. We can also build a trailer to suit your specific assignment.

Latest new special transports
In this section, you can see our work and read a lot of interesting things about our company.
Feedback from our customers Here is what our customers say:

Professional, reliable and amiable staff. If you need special transport, this is where you turn!

Johan Soderstrom

Very good and reliable skiers. Always delivers with high precision and quality.

Fredrik Blomberg

Westdijk is a prefect partner for heavy special transports with total control from loading to unloading.

Bo Bengtsson

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