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For the first time in many years, if it ever happened at all, there was a temporary parking ban on Fredsgatan in Ludvika on Wednesday.

The reason was that a wide and high transport would pass.

– It happens that large transports have to run via Fredsgatan. But I can not remember that we have ever before introduced a parking ban for that reason, says Kerstin Ohlsson at the municipality’s traffic department.

The parking ban applied between midnight and 12.00 on Wednesday and at 10 o’clock the transport passed. It was a large drum that was previously used in Garpenberg’s mine and would now be driven to the Zinc mine.

– The drum is 5.5 meters high and just as wide. We could not drive after the passage as the free height under the footbridge is not sufficient. The Swedish Transport Administration guarantees that the free height must always be at least 4.5 meters, says Hans Eriksson at the company Westdijk Sweden AB who was responsible for the transport.

His colleague Björn Andersson drove the transport and was not completely satisfied with the conditions through central Ludvika. Some car owners had in fact ignored the parking ban.

– It went well, but it was a goal photo. Maybe they should have put out foot hooks instead of putting out signs about parking bans, driver Andersson thought.


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